Katherine Eversberg

Katherine, born in Houston and native Texan, holds a B.S. in Education from Baylor University.

Katherine joined Nix Realty in 2009 and has steadily grown her career by going the extra mile to take care of her clients. She brings a hands-on style to her business in that she does her homework and is armed with the facts and figures to prepare her clients to make an informed decision, whether it be buying or selling a property. Katherine is known as both honest and diligent; resolved to take her clients all the way from an idea to a closing. She enjoys negotiating for her clients and gets a sense of accomplishment when they get a deal that exceeds their expectations; she does so with a rare combination of creativity and logic. In short, Katherine Eversberg is the agent you need to match your desire for a home with the market offerings in a fair, ethical and pleasant manner.  Katherine and her husband, Rob, are parents to two beautiful little girls, Lizzy and Julia and two wild and crazy twin boys.
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